Our main activity is the production and supply of foundry products.

Our company was established in 01.02.1992. in the town of Tiszavasvari, Eastern Hungary. We produce aluminum, bronze, zamak and grey casting products. Since 2012 We are able to make zinc die-casting as well.

Our firm have the following permits, licenses:

  • License for waste collection: 672/08/2007
  • License for waste utilisation:1227/11/2009
  • License for waste transportation: 1227/1/2009

Environmental client No. (KÜJ): 101864921

Environmental Area No. (KTJ): 101621808

For melting we use electric-resistance furnace. 300 kg of material can be melted per occasion, three times a day. Typical casting weights vary between 10 to 20 kg.

We produce castings mainly for general machinery, agricultural machinery and pumps.

We make our castings by using resin sand and shell mould production. This mode allows the formatting of the production of castings, where multiple cores can be made using the cast piece.

We also undertake the manufacturing of the molding equipments and the manufacturing of die castings tools as well.

We undertake the manufacturing of complete production equipments according to drawings or samples. In case of larger orders we do not quote the production costs of the tools.

Please send your drawings via fax or e-mail and we gladly give you a quotation!